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How To Fix Curling Rug Corners

How To Fix Curling Rug Corners

Curling rug corners can be an annoying and unsightly issue in many households. Whether due to poor rug quality, improper placement, or the effects of wear and tear, curled corners not only pose a tripping hazard but also detract from the overall aesthetics of a room. However, there are several effective methods to rectify this problem and restore your rug to a flat and safe state.

Understanding the Causes of Curling Rug Corners

Before diving into the solutions, it’s crucial to understand why rug corners tend to curl. Some common reasons include:

  1. Low-Quality Rug Material: Inferior quality rugs or those made from poor materials are more prone to curling at the corners. Synthetic fibers or rugs with a thin backing might not hold their shape well.
  2. Improper Placement: Placing a rug on a surface without using a suitable rug pad or gripper can lead to slippage and curling at the edges.
  3. Humidity and Temperature Changes: Fluctuations in humidity and temperature levels can cause natural fibers in the rug to expand or contract, leading to curling corners.

Methods to Fix Curling Rug Corners

1. Utilize Rug Grippers or Pads:

  • Rug Grippers: These are adhesive strips or pads that can be placed under the corners of the rug to secure them to the floor. They prevent slippage and help the rug lay flat.
  • Rug Pads: Using a high-quality rug pad made of non-slip material can provide additional grip and stability, preventing corners from curling up.

2. Reverse Rolling Method:

  • Gently roll the curled rug in the opposite direction of the curl. Leave it in this position for a few hours or overnight.
  • Alternatively, place heavy objects such as books or furniture on the curled corners after reverse rolling to help flatten them out.

3. Apply Weight and Heat:

  • Place heavy items or furniture on the curled corners and apply some gentle heat using a hairdryer or a steamer. The heat can help relax the fibers, allowing the rug to settle flat.

4. Use Rug Corner Weights:

  • Specialized rug corner weights or rug corner holders are available in the market. These can be attached to the corners of the rug to weigh them down and prevent curling.

5. Ironing Method (for certain rug materials):

  • For rugs made of heat-resistant materials, lay a damp cloth over the curled corners and gently iron them on a low heat setting. Ensure the iron doesn’t directly touch the rug to avoid damage.

6. Professional Assistance:

  • If the rug corners persistently curl or the rug is of high value, consider consulting a professional rug cleaner or repair service for specialized assistance.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Rug Corner Curling:

  • Proper Rug Placement: Ensure the rug is placed on a clean, dry surface and use a suitable rug pad or gripper to prevent slippage.
  • Regular Maintenance: Vacuum and clean the rug regularly to prevent dirt buildup, which can contribute to curling edges.
  • Control Humidity: Maintain a stable indoor environment by using humidifiers or dehumidifiers to regulate humidity levels, especially in areas prone to extreme changes.


Curling rug corners are a common issue that can be rectified using various DIY methods or professional assistance. Understanding the causes and implementing preventative measures can also help avoid this problem in the future. By utilizing rug grippers, reverse rolling, applying weight and heat, and considering other methods, you can effectively flatten those pesky curled corners and restore your rug’s appearance and safety in your living space. You can always hire our local carpet repair experts.