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How much does it cost to repair a burnt carpet?

How much does it cost to repair a burnt carpet?

If you are looking forward to burnt carpet repair then the cost will depend upon the intensity of the problem. However, the repair is always a better option than replacement. Replacing the carpet can cost you too much. Hence, you must read the details given below. From these, you will get an exact idea about the repair costs of a burnt carpet.

The average cost of carpet repair

The average cost to repair a burnt carpet will be approximately 100 USD to 400 USD. But again, this is just an estimate. When there is a burnt area on the carpet, it is better to call for the carpet repair professionals as they know what to do for the same. They will inspect the area and quickly give a solution.

The cost of large burn repair on the carpet

If the burnt part on the carpet is large enough then the cost of repair can go even to 2000 USD. However, the main solution for this would be patching. If you call for professionals then they will help you to fix this. But since the area of the burn is large the costs would be high. Under such circumstances, it would be better to compare the costs than what would happen if you purchased and installed a new carpet. If you feel that replacing the carpet seems to be a cost-effective decision then you must go ahead with the same.

The cost of small burnt repair on the carpet

If the burnt area on the carpet is small or medium then the carpet material is generally stretched and then the additional part will be used to patch up the burnt area. Generally, the cost for this will be approximately 200 USD. Some people who know how to do this can also go with DIY techniques at home. For them, the cost would be minimal because there would be no need for a professional. Only a few things here and there would be needed and the costs would relate only to burnt carpet repair.

The burnt area should be removed first and then there should be a proper inspection of whether there is a problem in any other area of the carpet or not. Now, once the burnt part is successfully removed, there will be the insertion of tufts on that area and for that, some adhesive is to be used. You must follow DIY techniques only when you are confident enough. If not, it would be prudent to let the professionals drop in.


When you have burnt marks on the carpet, it is better to fix the same as soon as possible. The look of the carpet gets affected and hence it is vital to treat the same. Even if you have to pay something, it is better to do the same as soon as possible. It will anyway be less than the carpet replacement costs.